For Bikers only :-)


SP 105: Alghero-Bosa !



This scenic coastal road is a must for bikers! The SP 105, with its 45 km, climbs up for 150 mt through a wilderness area free from cement and tourism.

Leave behind Alghero to find breathtaking landscapes where nature reigns supreme; this area is full of history! For these reasons the Alghero-Bosa road is a candidate to be appointed as Unesco heritage.

After Poglina beach, near Villanova Monteleone, there’s the archaeological site named Nuraghe Appiu.

From panoramic cliffs overlooking the blue sea, you can see “Le Croci” falesie!

The road climbs to Mannu mountain through lunar landscape of rocks eroded by wind. Right here, between the curves of the red limestone rocks (“Sa Rocca pinta”) and the wild cape of Capo Marrargiu, you can see the flight of “grifoni” raised by wind during the sunrise and the sunset.

The road has many rest areas to enjoy the sceneries and take pictures.

After Capo Marrargiu, vegetation consists of mediterranean scrub that changes colors and scents with the seasons.

From the road you can see small beaches, caves and rock pools between cliffs of volcanic tuff (Cala Ittiri – snorkeling area, Porto Managu, …); you can reach these sandy coves on foot or by the sea.

After the suggestive Torre Argentina – diving and snorkeling area, you’ll find Cumpoltittu, S’Abba Druche, Cala 'e Moro, Cane Malu beaches and then Bosa with its Castel lying on Temo river; Bosa Marina is a long and sandy beach ideal for families.

After Bosa and Magomadas, the best beaches of Sardinia: Is Arenas, with its dunes, and the carribeans Is Arutas, Mari Ermi, Cabras, Tharros...!